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Dear Friend,

Happy Summer! The last year has felt like an explosion of productions for us in long-form film, short web format, and transmedia. We have almost wrapped shooting on my new documentary and have completed several commissioned pieces on education, community health, and the arts. Please keep in touch through Facebook, Twitter, or our blog!

We have begun editing our
new film The Circle: a story of murder and reconciliation in Boston. It tells of a grieving mother, the man who
murdered her son, and the unexpected relationship they create to prevent more violence. Clips we have shown in schools, criminal justice settings, and community groups have generated powerful responses. Please check out the film’s trailer, follow it on Twitter, or sign up here to receive updates. Work will continue on the film this fall with the help of a RISD Professional Development grant.

I have been collaborating with journalist Melissa Ludtke on our first transmedia project, Touching Home in China: in search of missing girlhoods. Two American adoptees return as teens to the towns in China where each was abandoned as a newborn. There, they meet girls who grew up in these towns and learn about what their own girlhoods might have been like in 21st century rural China. We have published the first two of six iBook stories – Abandoned Baby and Touching Home – which include text, videos, photo galleries, and interactive graphics. The project’s presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and our website engages a global audience with interactive news and commentary about girls and women’s lives in contemporary China.

We have deepened our engagement with student-centered learning with two new pieces for Pittsfield Schools in rural New Hampshire – one on Extended Learning Opportunities that allow students to find and explore their own passions outside of the classroom, and one on Inquiry-Based Learning. “That means starting with the question instead of the answer,” explains Pittsfield Dean of Instruction Danielle Harvey. “It’s a really cool way to get the kids excited about their learning.”

We recently completed pieces celebrating the 20th anniversary of Boston HealthNet, documenting sustainability at MassArt, and following Claudia Quintet’s tour of Nepal. Over the course of 3 years, we also made an 80-minute immigrant biography chronicling the remarkable life of a Polish-American woman who grew up in the shadow of World War II, experienced decades of Stalinism and communism, and immigrated with five children to America via Nigeria.

Editor Shondra Burke and I enjoyed helping Gail Reimer and the Jewish Women’s Archive create In the Footsteps of Regina Jonas about the first women rabbi, who was ordained in Berlin in 1935. Catch it at the Boston Jewish Film Festival in November!

I was honored to be a receive a Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowship this spring. After great contributions to JMP, Minhae Shim and Lilymaud Lejeune are moving on to work in other cities. In addition to video production, I continue to teach at Rhode Island School of Design and MassArt’s Summer Film School.

Julie Mallozzi Productions creates award-winning documentary films as well as media for non-profit and government organizations.

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