Julie Mallozzi has been active as a freelance producer, cameraperson, and editor in Boston’s lively documentary community since 1992. She has worked on major public television programs including Six Billion and Beyond, Born Under the Red Flag, Americas, and Poetry Heaven. She has also collaborated with award-winning independent filmmakers, including Ross McElwee, Alfred Guzzetti, and Laurie Wen. Recent projects include:

A young woman returns to her Native American community in Southeast Louisiana to find a man-made environmental crisis threatening her people’s way of life. She must overcome the loss of her house, her father, and her documentary partner – and redefine the meaning of home. By Sharon Linezo Hong and Monique Michelle Verdin. (Editor and Co-Producer, 2012)

in paraguay

Acclaimed filmmaker Ross McElwee chronicles his family’s trip to Paraguay to adopt his daughter Mariah.  Premiered at Venice International Film Festival.  (Editor, 2008)

Nationally broadcast public television documentary explores population policy, reproductive health, and women's empowerment.  By Linda Harrar Productions. (Field Producer, 2000)

Third film in PBS series A Century of Revolution tells the story of China’s remarkable transformation after Mao Zedong’s death in 1976.  By Ambrica Productions.  (Production Assistant, 1999)