Fellows at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study reflect on how their Radcliffe year gave them time and space to finish big projects, brought them into inspiring dialogue with other disciplines, and pushed their intellectual boundaries. There are 5 videos in this series.


Recent fellows at the Radcliffe Institute share how the immersion in a truly interdisciplinary community strengthens their work, making them question core assumptions of their discipline. They celebrate the sense of cameradie, the opportunity to delve deeply in their research, and the Institute's support with research partners, library, and other facilities. (4 minutes, 2016)

Radcliffe Fellow Radhika Nagpal

Radhika Nagpal, Professor of Computer Science at Harvard, talks about using her Radcliffe year to explore what biology and computer science can learn from each other. (2 minutes, 2013)

Radcliffe Fellow I. Glenn Cohen

Harvard Law School Assistant Professor I. Glenn Cohen describes how the Radcliffe fellowship helped him finish a fascinating book on medical tourism - and enjoy a year of rich intellectual activity surrounded by colleagues in a broad range of disciplines. (2 minutes, 2013)

Radcliffe Fellow Lydia Diamond

The Radcliffe Fellowship gave playwright Lydia Diamond time and space to finish an important play - and to honor her own work as an artist. (2 minutes, 2013)

Radcliffe Fellow Douglas Rogers

Anthropologist Douglas Rogers describes how the Radcliffe year gave him time to process the vast material he collected on Russia's oil industry - and to collaborate with his undergraduate research partner, Elizabeth Bronshteyn. (2 minutes, 2013)