Five videos introducing programs at Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study: the Betty Friedan collection at Schlesinger Library, a workshop on Creative Breakthroughs, Radcliffe Professor Nancy Hill, the Radcliffe Research Partnerships, and the Legacy of Radcliffe College. We have also created a signature video about the Institute and several portraits of Radcliffe fellows.

The Betty Friedan Collection at the Schlesinger Library

An introduction to the Schlesinger Library’s collection of the papers of feminist icon Betty Friedan. (2 minutes, 2013)

An Academic Ventures Workshop: Creative Breakthroughs

A lively interdisciplinary workshop at Harvard University's Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study bringing together architects, scientists, humanists, artists, and a leading chef to talk about creative inspiration. (3 minutes, 2013)

Radcliffe Professor Nancy Hill

Nancy Hill, Professor at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, reflects on what it has meant for her to also be Suzanne Young Murray Professor at Radcliffe. (2 minutes, 2013)

Radcliffe Research Partnership Doug Rogers & Elizabeth Brohnsteyn

Radcliffe Fellow Douglas Rogers and his undergraduate research partner, Elizabeth Bronshteyn, each benefit from their collaboration. (2 minutes, 2013)

The Legacy of Radcliffe College

Alumnae from across the decades talk about their memories of Radcliffe College and the continuing impact of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study. (6 minutes, 2013)